Take 2 has two large 5.1 surround mix capable studios, both with their own large recording space for voice recording, Foley & ADR. Usually we run Protools HD, but also use Fairlight Xynergi for specific projects. There is also an enormous sound effects & production music library collected over years. Client facilities include a large green room with all the little luxuries, off street parking, & a quite excellent coffee machine.

Take 2 shares a building with two other production companies, SoundEngine (same type of business as me & we back each other up when needed) and The Mustard Factory, which is a picture editing and After Effects business. While we are all independent, we sometimes end up collaborating on large projects.


Studio Facilities

  • Protools HD
  • Fairlight Xynergi
  • Source Connect
  • ISDN facilities – Musicam CDQ110
  • SH – ADSL internet connection (the NBN is still a couple of years away!)
  • 170 gigabyte sound effects library
  • 5.1 surround monitoring
  • Premiere Pro


We work with all video and audio formats, and can look after all file exchanges between our studios & other post production houses.